Parliament announced the names of the presidential candidates

16:23 06/10/2015

Information Office of the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hamoudi, announced Tuesday, the arrival of names of candidates for the presidency and the membership of the Civil Service Council to the Federal Parliament, while Hamoudi stressed that the House of Representatives will vote on the names of the candidates soon.
The office said in a statement, "The Presidency and the names of the members of the Federal service arrived at the House of Representatives by the government, at the request of Sheikh Hamoudi sent to them shortly before to accelerate to send candidates to the parliament."
The Hamoudi, according to the statement, "The House of Representatives will vote on the candidate names during its meetings as soon as possible."
He added that "this Council has a significant role in the reduction of administrative and financial corruption by adopting efficient and professional, away from the narrow favoritism, as well as giving him broad powers to announce the appointments in various state institutions for the various Iraqi people without discrimination."
The Council of Ministers approved, (Tuesday, 8 September 2015), approved the formation of the Federal Public Service Board.