Decisions of the Council of Ministers at today's meeting "expanded"

BAGHDAD - scales News - Council of Ministers issued on Tuesday, several decisions in its regular day.

According to a statement received / scales News /, a copy of it, that "the Council of Ministers held its regular Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and in the beginning of the meeting reviewed the sovereignty of the results of his visit to New York and his participation in the proceedings of the General Assembly of the United Nations and meetings with leaders and the heads of many of the world "noting" the great international support for Iraq in the face of Daash along Maabdoh of support and admiration reforms."

The statement added, "The Council of Ministers issued a number of resolutions of Pinhaalmuaqh national card adoption of those who issued his document citizens identifiable" instead of identity card and a certificate of Iraqi nationality ", or passport as a document identifying Subject to the provisions Council of Ministers resolution No." 280 " for the year 2015, "adding" the integration of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals of public companies and self-funded with some of them, according to the principle of limbering in public administrations and the similarity of artistic activity and geographic location based on the provisions of the Public Companies Act of 1997 as amended to separate the geometric attribution company from paragraph "7" of it and rename companies integrated to suit the business."

He noted that "the approval of the Ministry of Finance to increase the financial allocations for the door feed the inmates and detainees for 2015 in the Ministry of Justice with $" 50,000,000,000 "dinars, only Khmson billion dinars to strengthen the door allocations above and solving the problem of stop food processing Guests of the Iraqi Corrections Department because of non-payment of dues contractors "noting that he" also confirmed the approval of the Ministry of Finance to allocate an amount of "750,000,000" dinars, only seven hundred and fifty million dinars to the Iraqi Football Federation by the Olympic Committee in order to cover the expenses of the participation of Iraq team in the world / Moscow, Cup qualifier with teams "Chinese Taipei, Thailand, and Vietnam," which will be held back and forth outside Iraq, in addition to cover the participation of Iraq's national team for youth in the Asian Cup qualifiers to be held in Tajikistan, and to approve the draft law on ratification of the Economic and Technical Cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the State of Kuwait signed the Convention on the Law in Baghdad on 12/6/2013, and forwarded to the House of Representatives, according to the provisions of Articles "61 / item I" and "80 / item II" of the Constitution."

He continued, "It was agreed to hold the third round of the ranks ended elementary, middle and middle stages of exams, and to authorize the Ministry of Education met wages exam services of students who wish to perform the exams," pointing to "include a provision in the draft general budget of the Federal Law of the fulfillment of fees for services and fees charged by ministries and state institutions for services provided by registered instead of income once the public treasury in order to maximize resources and those ministries that exception of the financial management and public debt ".anthy 29/9 P