Union of Forces: figures from national law Abadi trying to dismiss from office

BAGHDAD scales News - Deputy accused in the Union of Forces Dhafer al-Ani, Tuesday, figures from the National Alliance and the rule of law specifically Bmaholthm sacking of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi from office because of senior figures accused of squandering public money.

Ani said Office in a statement received / scales News / copy of it, that "a number of political forces and personalities began discussions about the future of government-Abadi taking place against the backdrop of what they called a singularity decisions on reforms," ​​adding that "those actors think that they still did not touch the core of the problem and the slow pace of the military achievements and lack of improvement in service conditions."

And that "these discussions even if it appeared in the form of an assessment of the performance of the government-Abadi, but it carries with it a reaction to statements by al-Abadi recent which targeted the major political figures in the previous government, accusing Balastbdadah and waste of public money for propaganda purposes and electoral."

He called for "granting Abadi longest opportunity to move the promised reforms," ​​pointing out that "some of the reforms does not assume responsibility Abadi alone as well as blurry proposed alternatives" .anthy 29 / z 3