Signs of divorce between Abadi al-Maliki and the future is open to surprises

Suit in court demanding the palm of the hand of the prime minister for the service immediately and the rule of law you want clarification about (commander necessary)
Move Gulf - US towards Iraq and (sweetness) annexation of the Cooperation Council and the production of a new government in Baghdad
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Indicate a lot of indicators that began to float on the surface of daily events accelerated such as accelerated heartbeat hearts of Iraqis that Iatzaretha sorrow and pain because of disappointments and fractures on more than one field and the level and that there are signs divorce between former Prime Minister, Mr. Nuri al-Maliki, the current government and the President, Dr. Haider Abadi Political analysts and knowing the Iraqi issue that the media skirmishes between the poles of the Dawa Party, emerged from the bottom to the public and that the State of Law coalition is divided into two teams ..

Team Mustafa with al-Maliki heart and mind and the last supports Mr. Haider al-Abadi, who is now prime minister, informed sources confirm that the dispute escalated further after What it was said was a drive actively carried out or led by al-Maliki for the withdrawal of the prime minister of Abadi and assigned to personal other and become disputes looming more and more after the last speech given by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Baghdad upon his return from New York, where al-Abadi appeared more constricting and smile on his face signs characterized by anger and tension he talks about corruption and corrupt empty and Budget received from his predecessor, al-Maliki did not hesitate to launch a (Commander necessary) which interpreted by observers as explicit and clear signal to the owners and this is what make sure clear where invited MP for the rule of law (the emotions of grace) Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to intended to clarify by saying «commander of necessity« in his last speech, saying that the reforms achieved by adopting a moderate speech strengthens the hope in the hearts of the masses, adding grace that Abadi demands to clarify the intended saying (Commander necessary), because Iraq is the commander of necessity and not the term is still the demise of the former regime, but any sane person can understand that the prime minister Haider al-Abadi had attacked al-Maliki, without naming him and replaced the name designation of more significance when he called (the Governor and Commander necessary) in the previous governments, including the endowment distribution in times of elections at the same time criticized the coalition of state law do (the mouths of fetid) exploiting Abadi's remarks Abadi called to curb the horns undermine him and his State of Law coalition leader Nuri al-Maliki said he will pursue a law anyone who tries to harm national symbols

It is interesting that the site of Sumer News has revealed two days ago that the number of Iraqi lawyers are preparing to raise lawsuits against Abadi against the backdrop of what Zaamoh corruption cases with a number of files affecting the country's wealth and sovereignty relating to contracts Orascom and carry lawyers Abadi in their communication responsibility for the cholera outbreak and deprive Iraqis of opportunities for scientific research, pointing out that he has been canceled ministries or merged without any right not based on any legal basis, administrative and called Federal Court not to Tuwani this duty under the pretext of fear or dread stressing the importance that the constitutional and legal obligation to Accounting Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi In the midst of political developments revealed Gulf sources said the Gulf Cooperation Council states, led by Saudi Arabia plans to join Iraq to membership of the Council, claiming remove him from the effects Iranian sources expected a change in the equation in Iraq through support of Washington and the Gulf states for a new government in Baghdad away from Iran, a claim against the annexation of Iraq to the GCC Sources confirm that the Americans cut long way away in talks with Iraqi parties unnamed and offered through the nomination of Prime Minister New to be within the government formation process make significant changes to Iraqi politics and national reconciliation on the basis of sound ends with sectarian sorting and the current division in the Iraqi society and the establishment of an Iraqi Federated States with the establishment of a moderate peace relations with all countries, particularly the Arab Gulf states ..

It remains to say that pregnant surprises coming days we hope to be unpleasant and painful because the pain is in the Iraqi body can no longer tolerate.