Parliamentary Finance: a dedicated budget for salaries in 2016 .. and without projects for investment

Special - scales News - Confirmed the decision of the parliamentary finance committee Ahmed Haji, Tuesday, that the federal budget for 2016 dedicated to only pay the employees' salaries without any projects for investment, noting that the budget amounted to 113 trillion dinars allocated 83 trillion of which the operating budget.

He said Haji's / scales News / "The Ma_khass to invest in the federal budget for next year 30 trillion dinars, while the balance 29 trillion deficit ratio," noting that "under these circumstances and revenue can not be that there will be revenues for investment budget so the federal budget will be limited to pay employees only."

He said the parliamentary Finance Committee decision that "the oil ministry identified the price of a barrel dollars to 45 at a rate of export three million 600 000 barrels per day and this is unrealistic and must reduce the public budget to reduce the deficit," adding that "under the current circumstances and the entry of Iran's oil to the market after the nuclear agreement with the major powers can not be that the price stays at $ 45 a barrel, but could fall to 35 or 30 dollars."

Haji said, "it was building the general budget of the country at 113 trillion, of which 30 trillion budget for investment, and 83 trillion for operational," stressing that "the parliamentary Finance Committee called on the government to reduce the deficit in order to reduce the proportion of it."

It is said that "the parliamentary finance committee member Rustam Masood Haider said on Tuesday that his committee discussed with the Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, Iraq's internal and external loans and the budget next year," likely delays "Send the budget as scheduled."

The "parliamentary Finance Committee member Ahmed Sarhan stressed that the shortfall in the budget of 2016 is estimated at 29 trillion Iraqi dinars," noting that "bad policies of previous governments and not to be exploited for oil imports at that time led to the financial deterioration in Iraq now."

The "Committee for the economy parliamentary member Mohammed Abbas stressed that" next year's budget in 2016 will take into account the military things needed by Iraq in its war against al Daash terrorist requirements, "noting that" the political and security situation the country is experiencing will affect the shape."

And it imposed "government austerity measures in the 2015 budget because of lower oil prices and calculated at $ 50 per barrel, represented to cancel unnecessary expenses."

It is said that "a member of the economic and investment commission parliamentary Najiba Najib suggested earlier in the L / scales News /, reduce the price of a barrel of oil to $ 40 in the fiscal budget for 2016", while confirming that "the budget will amount to parliament soon."

It is said that "the parliamentary finance committee member Ahmed Hama confirmed L / scales News /, last Wednesday, it said that lower oil prices will increase an additional budget of $ fiscal budget deficit for next year one billion dollars."

This "The head of the Commission services and ages parliamentary Nazim al-Saadi's / scales News /, earlier, that his committee the government will be forced to allocate funds financial budget for the next year in 2016 to implement projects, among the priority projects will be for services."

With ", he stressed the economic expert on behalf of Antoine on the need to reconsider the budget in 2016 to estimate the real deficit," adding that "Iraq's economy will confront the risk if it continues to rely on the resources of the International Monetary Fund, local banks and foreign loans" .anthy 29/28