New achievements of the political ruling class
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Thread: New achievements of the political ruling class

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    New achievements of the political ruling class

    New achievements of the political ruling class

    Morteza Abdul Hamid / is known internally, regionally and globally, that the Iraqi political ruling class no falsehood can approach from the front or from behind, not from the sides as well, because it is replete with falsehood, nor room for more of it can be added to its arsenal, and that is able to competently and quickly record the envy for others, the production of a failed state, sits in the bottom of the ladder this type of countries, thanks all the credit goes back to the philosophy of state-building, adopted by this class since her accession horse power for the first few days, and adoption sectarian - ethnic starting point for dealing with the state and its institutions on the basis of Booty and Farhood.

    Everyone knows what the outcome of the this immoral policy, and how it took the country into this quagmire bilge, so people started Atrahmon the biggest criminal in history of modern and old in Iraq and possibly in the world, which reminds us of the story of a thief famous coffins, and they of course are wrong in that, because Saddam Hussein is the spiritual father of many of these politicians, who graduated from the school, or affected by, and Boutrouhath that tore apart Iraqi society, the social and political fabric and brought to complete what he started tyrant and laid the foundations destructive and it seems that our politicians geniuses were not content with the "achievements" they have achieved for the people Iraq for the past twelve years, from financial corruption and administrative and political, and the almost complete absence of services, tearing of national unity, as well as the spread of violence and terrorism, and down to the occupation Daash one-third of the area of ​​Iraq, and clean up the state treasury from the last dollar in, they wanted to add new achievements can be monitored three of them in the last period, which is the most prominent in this book is the supervisor.

    The first is the spread of cholera, after he disappeared from Iraq and the countries of the region, let alone the developed countries, since many years, and the reasons are many for his return as concerned officials say, and are summarized in the low health and standard of living, water pollution and the environment in general, and the sinking of the streets and cities piles of waste, despite Offices that officials are not free from the banner of "cleanliness of faith," and it's really strange, they have no shame even when they see the level of cleanliness in both Iran and Jordan, for example, when their visits to them and what the most.

    Another achievement is that millions of young people and the Iraqi families immigration, so that Iraq turned into a repulsive force of his sons, after the Iraqis were clinging to their homeland to the extent of holiness, and it must be pointed out that the size of this wave of immigration and timing of the calls suspicion and mistrust.

    Third done a third andirons, as they say, is the anti position, but the opposition to the reforms that the people came out demanding since last July 31, and has received considerable support from the reference and from different countries of the world.

    The dissidents and conspirators on the demands of the Iraqi people in the political process reform and the fight against rampant corruption in state and society, and service provision level befitting human beings, they do not share a mosque patriotism, nor fair, nor even personal dignity, and they see their images burned and hit the boots of the masses.

    That people will not have mercy Mstgvlah and looters of wealth, history also put them in their place decent well-known garden.

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