Lebanon stop the Iraqis tried to fly to Europe with forged papers

Twilight News / Lebanese General Security arrested 15 Iraqis in Beirut airport while trying to leave for Europe with the help of Iraqi holds Swedish citizenship by Iraqi passports forged seals.

A statement of the Directorate General of Public Security on Tuesday that he was "set a Danish residence forged with detainees cards also show that the Iraqi passports helicopter seals enter and leave the forged as well."

The statement that "the Iraqi person Swede admitted that compose with two Iraqis others residing in Sweden network is active in the field of insurance Danish residence forged and illustrate passports seals entry and exit of foreign forged also against the physical amount of cards and they pretend their victims who wish to leave for Europe and the legality of their actions and the need to to come to Lebanon and from the first station of departure towards any of the European countries."

He warned "the Lebanese, Arab and foreign nationals statement from falling into the trap of this kind of fraudulent acts practiced by some, particularly by publishing ads on social networking sites or other means pages."