The new pension law and security ... does not allow expatriates to work and raise salaries

Author: AB, HH, MK
Editor: AB, HH
06/10/2015 13:25
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Long-Presse / Baghdad
Called for the Labour and Social Affairs, on Tuesday, the Council of Ministers to ratify the draft pension law, social security and send it to the House of Representatives as soon as possible, and stressed that the law will help reduce unemployment and reduce the burden on government jobs and prevents foreign arrivals for the purposes of tourism from working in Iraq, and with She pointed out that the text to add a secured service to the service in government departments, it revealed that the law will increase the proportion of the salary deduction to increase the pension.
A member of the Committee honest he hinted in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The legislation the law of retirement and social security will help reduce unemployment and reduce the burden on government jobs," noting that "the law provides for the addition of secured service to the service in government departments for the purposes of service and retire."
He said we hinted, that "the law also provides for increasing the deduction percentage of the worker's salary from 17% to 19% factor which bears 6%, to increase the pension for a worker," pointing out that "less pension will be 250 thousand more than an increase of the salary and the amount of the amount deducted from worker ".
He noted we hinted, that "the law does not allow foreign migrant workers to Iraq for the purpose of tourism work in Iraq," stressing that "the law drafted after discussions in committee work and with the participation of the Presidency and the Ministry of Labor and international organizations."
And between he hinted, that "the draft law now in the Council of Ministers", calling for "the ratification of the law and send it to the House of Representatives as soon as possible."
The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Mohammad Xiaa Sudan announced, in (3 September 2015), the adoption of a draft pension law and social security for workers after making some necessary adjustments to the paragraphs, as pointed out to send the draft law to the Cabinet for approval, he stressed that there is a tendency government for the integration of the two pension funds and warranty with the common retirement fund.
The Committee on Labour and Social Affairs Parliamentary suggested, in (2 September 2015), introduced the draft pension law and social security at Parliament during next November, after the Ministry of Labour submit its observations him, while shown that aims to ease the burden on the government function, confirmed that It offers the possibility of self-employed for a minimum pension of 250 thousand dinars to secure their future.
The advantages of pension law and social security for workers is the optional security so that the employer is entitled to and categories of self-employed inclusiveness Branch retirement and benefit from the advantages of the current and future, and to ensure that workers in the informal sector group, and the inclusion of roving, guards and porters, vendors and other provisions of the new draft law, as well as support wide by the general budget of the Pension Fund and Social Security to pay for the burden of access under the social welfare umbrella and implementation of the content of the international recommendation 204 of 2015 dealing with the process of the legal and technical transition from the informal to the formal economy, with an increase or raise the level of women's labor protection when pregnancy and childbirth and beyond and increasing the length of maternity leave to 14 weeks in implementation of the ILO Convention 183 on Maternity Protection.