Abadi worry Washington to open the Green Zone .. heavily armed force surrounded the US embassy

Washington-Iraq Press October -6:
expressed the United States, at dawn on Tuesday, concern about the Iraqi government's decision to open the Green Zone, the center of the capital, Baghdad, in front of citizens. US and drew Foreign that Washington has repeatedly expressed concern about the ease security restrictions in the region Green, which has long been a center of the American presence in Iraq. and Washington has taken strict security measures to protect its embassy inside the Green Zone, where spotted dozens of marines heavily armed in the surroundings. The prime minister, Haydar al-Abadi, had received, on Monday, the first civilian vehicles that have entered into Green Zone after it opened, on Sunday evening, in front of the citizens. Ebadi said, in a brief statement through the media office, said that "the opening of the Green Zone of the actions that we promised our people out," he said. "We are continuing our actions reform we will not give them up for the interests of our citizens and our country." It is noteworthy that the Green Zone is the headquarters for most government departments and the Parliament, also includes the US Embassy site, and many Arab and foreign embassies operating in Iraq. closed by US forces after being taken from her palaces presidential sites to their leaders with the beginnings of change in 2003.anthy (1)
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