Jubouri: our face submit the files of corruption and exposed in front of people without regard to any political affiliation

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - October 5 / October: launched on the mole hall in the capital, Baghdad, on Monday, the activities of a week under the banner of the National Integrity (Integrity and the future of peace) in the presence of a number of media, academic and political figures.
The head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Saleem al-Jubouri, in his speech during the conference, "our face to the Integrity Commission to provide all the files of corruption exposed in front of the people and the parliament under a kiss."

He said al-Jubouri "Everyone knows that Manmtlk of financial stocks today is much less than we need to pass the crisis, so it has to be unite to find a chance Tasmna from collapse and we believe that the most important step in this direction is the trapping of corruption and Characters, tools and mechanisms of work."

He said the President of the House of Representatives "must all those who are found to eliminate involvement of corruption without taking into account any political consideration accounting, and we believe that the three involved institutions in the first place to achieve this step is Parliament Legislative turn that makes laws safety valve to keep the state property on the one hand his part regulatory and specifically to the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary institution and the second, a body with its own integrity of the role gives it the ability to cope with disaster Alagafsad to uncover the perpetrators and those involved ".. ended O.h