Parliamentary work: the retirement of the private sector relieves pressure on appointments
October 5, 2015

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN)
Chairman of the Labour and Social Affairs in the House of Representatives said Sadiq hardships, the inclusion of private sector employees to the draft pension law and security relieves pressure on the appointments in government departments.

And suggested an earlier press statement in the House of Representatives, that the duration of the adoption of the law of retirement and social security will not exceed the current month.

The tribulations's (IMN) that "all workers in the private sector are covered by warranty and possible factor that ensures the same guarantee is optional, and added to his service for the purpose of retirement solution whether on the job or did not get a government."

He added that "the law requires companies to ensure their employees in the event of disability and old age," pointing out that "the law to prevent foreign tourists from work practice, and placed sanctions on companies that go beyond the law."

He pointed tribulations that "the law was discussed with all relevant parties from labor unions and the Ministry of Labour and Msctari presidency and committees of the House of Representatives," explaining that "the law is ready and is now at the Council of Ministers for a vote and turn it into the House of Representatives for its own legislation."

And the voice of the House of Representatives to the Labour Code, the middle of the month of August, with a view to the organization of work between workers and employers and their organizations relationships, in order to protect both of them, and to achieve sustainable development based on social justice and equality.
From: Sam Haj, Edit: Laith Mohammad Reza