Amiri We will not accept any US base in Iraq, Russian move is effective against Daash
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Thread: Amiri We will not accept any US base in Iraq, Russian move is effective against Daash

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    Amiri We will not accept any US base in Iraq, Russian move is effective against Daash

    Amiri: We will not accept any US base in Iraq, the Russian move is effective against Daash

    [Najaf-where] announced the leader of the popular crowd, secretary general of the Badr Organization, MP Hadi al-Amiri rejected the establishment of a US military base in Iraq "returned" Russian action against terrorist gangs in Syria Daash Balfal".

    Amery said in his speech launching the activities of Al-Ghadeer IX Media Festival in Najaf, "We respect the government's decision on the international coalition and allow him to air strikes but certainly we have 3 red first lines will not allow any US base in Iraq because previously the Americans insisted to have them before the withdrawal in 2011 and refused Today, do not accept to get out of the door and enter from the window."

    He added," The second red line is the subject of the presence of foreign ground forces we do not need it and we have the potential and thousands of fighters, but if they are to coalition support and confirms the seriousness battle he arming Iraqi forces and say, "adding that" the red line, the other is arming any party outside the framework of the state and that we reject categorically because it is prejudice to national sovereignty fact that we hear statements from American leaders in this regard.

    "He continued Ameri" If America is serious about fighting Daash, it has to stop this process of coming from Turkey bombers and lead to the slaughter of the Iraqi and Syrian peoples.

    "He expressed his surprise at the objection of some countries on the Russian strikes on Daash in Syria, saying: today, the world was turned upside down for the participation of Russia in the fight against Daash, and ask who gave these legitimate objectors to intervene in Syria," noting that "Russia is moving effectively terrorism contrast there are those who want to stay Daash in Iraq, not eliminate it, and we are since the first day of the formation of the international coalition have not seen the real seriousness required to fight Daash.

    "The Ameri said" Daash pose a real danger to Iraq and the region and we have the willingness and preparedness in the battle, and for Antbato This is a key task of the battle with Daash, "adding" We say frankly that the equation that must be Npinha to fight Daash is to unite the Iraqi army's efforts, the police and the crowd and popular sons of the tribes of the sons of regions and all those who try to stand a negative attitude towards this equation he wants to extend the life of Daash and continuity in the region."

    He pointed out that "the crowd and folk alone incapable to achieve victory army without the participation of the regions and with them we will achieve victory, and today more than 80 days pass to encircle Ramadi was liberated, but we are involved so and are continuing operations against Daash hope Nearby few days will be our tour with Aldoaash for victory them being a decisive and important battle.

    "and the popular demonstrations in several provinces, said the Secretary General of the Organization of Badr it was" right guaranteed by the Constitution and the state of civilization to demand the rights of peaceful demonstrations and we are with the continuation and hope that will be a great awareness as it is now in the maintenance of peaceful demonstrations and prevent infiltrators who want distorted to acts of harmless, "stressing that" we support and we support the peaceful demonstrations.

    "And reforms file pointed Ameri" We are with all the reforms and all institutions both in the executive, legislative and judiciary and security institution and radically and real, but also we need to reconsider the political entities and review ourselves and our actions, and this of courage.

    ""We While we support these reforms. We are against the demolition and someone wants it and that the demolition of the legislature and the judiciary is going to the unknown, "accusing limbs unnamed" trying political process that did not come for free and peaceful exchange of power came the sacrifices of demolition large and Seoul from the blood of the Iraqi people and can not accept touch them as I do not mind changing the people nor defend them.

    "He explained Ameri" The system reform has three choices either cabinet reshuffle or a change of government or early elections and we are open to these options, "but he also said," but go to early elections, a time limit is still the Nineveh and Anbar and other areas under the control of Daash we say how elected locals there so that talking about early elections is a legitimate right, but not realistic. "He stressed" no possibility of ruling political majority without the participation of all the components and can not achieve a majority, both Shiite and other government and can not override the Kurds, Sunnis, and this where the cons, but which also positives reinforce national unity, which is not quotas, but electoral maturity of the components."

    Al-Ameri added" as that of the functions of media fortify the nation from the plot and exposed in front of the Iraqi people and if the enemies of a media conference to spread their ideas must be our media resistance facing all the challenges by holding these conferences, and these festivals and we must focus all our efforts and compete for the contract, especially since the media support continuous Arhabiyam and queues death on a daily basis come to Syria and Iraq, and that everyone knows they are going through from Turkey and, unfortunately, even inform us mention it shyly."

    He pointed out that "the media hostile to today's so-called volunteers of the Iraqi people who answered the call of the religious authority to defend the blood of the people designated by militias and so-called Daash State fighters and Islamic This media Maadi and west."

    He stressed Ameri on the "role of the media in highlighting the challenges and uncover plots are not be considered and countless conspiracy and that ends only to begin again, and this particular time the media bears a great responsibility his first task is the detection and monitoring of these challenges and priorities identified and priorities" .anthy".

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