Barzani's visit to Germany

Twilight News / revealed a German newspaper, on Monday, that the political leadership in Kurdistan Berlin demanded more weapons, pointing out that the region's president, Massoud Barzani will visit Germany later this year.

Der Spiegel quoted the member of the Kurdistan Region Security Council told representatives of Germany that the province needs more weapons, especially anti-tank-type Milan missiles, adding that the stores are almost devoid of ammunition is therefore essential that the acceleration of Germany in sending these weapons.

The newspaper also announced that the foreign and defense ministries of Germany's discuss the issue of sending a new meal of weapons to Kurdistan, noting that the Berlin declared its readiness to provide more aid to the region because of the importance and status of the Kurds in the face of the organization "Daash" terrorist.

She added that the German parties, including the Greens worried from the point of these weapons and ending in hand?

On the other hand, Germany has expressed concern about the non-receipt of Alپeshmrگh Kurdish forces paid on a regular basis, as memory has not received salaries of the month of July so far is likely to affect the morale on the battlefield.

The newspaper also revealed information that the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, the province will pay a visit to Germany at the end of this year to confer with officials in Berlin on these problems.