Adnan al-Asadi and his son they vacate the internal balancing El khawam House contracts wetabrh
Date: Monday, 05-10-15 11:15 am

Prominent Iraqi businessman said Tuesday, "the former senior Undersecretary to the Interior Ministry, Adnan Al-Assadi and his son Hussein
They vacated the budget of the Ministry of the Interior of any money ", indicating that they" they go bankrupt Ministry by personal contracts containing weapons and clothes and food from the State Treasury.

He said Elin l (summer News), the company that processed the contracts back to Beit El khawam, Ellen gave to tabra says authentic proportion of participation in those contracts, pointing out that al-Asadi and his son and a group of his followers attack Yu who is clean of corrupt Ministry Lieutenant to the rank of Lieutenant.
Said another businessman, who asked not to be named, the current Interior Minister Mohammed Al-ghabban recognizes "no budget", calling on the media to expose these corrupt manipulators of public money ", wondering" what awaits Prime Minister Haider Abadi, these thieves are among them, and their signs are present.