Parliamentary Finance: Modify ladder state salaries within 30 days of arrival

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Network (IMN) - called on the parliamentary finance committee member Haidar al-Kaabi, the government to send him to the salaries of the state House of Representatives, pointing out that the parliamentary finance committee obliged to amend the salary ladder Upon arrival within 30 days.

The parliamentary finance committee and confirmed last week that the draft law of the salary scale is sent to the parliament during the end of the month.

He said Kaabi's (IMN) that "the federal government and put the finishing touches on the ladder of state salaries for 2016," pointing out that "the parliamentary Finance is obliged to make changes to the salary scale within 30 a day to give everyone his right."

The parliamentary finance committee and confirmed, last month, that there are some employees in government institutions receiving allocations by 200% through salaries, pointing out that "the Commission is working to remove those provisions through the salary scale in the Federal service law."

He continued that "the federal government is facing a financial crisis and a drop in crude oil prices, which send another project the salary scale to the House of Representatives."

Parliamentary Finance Committee early last month and formed a sub-committee composed of six members from within the Commission to work on modifying the law of the salary scale staff pointing out that the Commission gave the mini-committee of six months in order to make the necessary adjustments.