Iraq ranks second deservedly Iraq ranked second deservedly

Hamid al-Musawi Monday, October 05 .2015

Annual report released by Transparency International put Iraq in the second order of the countries afflicted by administrative corruption. This output assessment for the spread of the scourge of financial and administrative corruption in Iraq is surprising and raises more questions and foremost: Do unable integrity with the performance of its role in the eradication of this dangerous phenomenon? Body!. Is it completely surrendered before the outbreak of the epidemic?!. And why administrative corruption circle widened as such awful and these figures staggering?!.
Officials concerned confirms the existence of three independent and different devices, whether in the field or the administrative level but integrated at work in terms of the unity of purpose of combating financial and administrative corruption: 1. Department of the Inspector General in all of the ministries, 2. BSA 0.3. Integrity Commission. This body was formed after the fall of the previous power holds the circle where the Inspector General treatment and follow any process of administrative corruption in this ministry or that through the powers enjoyed by the Inspector General and carried out by the disciplinary councils in each ministry. The Office of Financial Supervision whatsoever, follow-up operations of financial corruption in all ministries and affiliated institutions and departments SACD. And criminal cases shall be referred to the Integrity Commission, which holds the independent investigation and then forwarded to the judiciary so that the acquisition of the definitive ruling.
With these hardware-independent actors in this process powers financial and administrative corruption in the escalation remain. Where officials in the Integrity Commission dissipative money as embezzlement or negligence or dereliction B'800 billion dollars' most negligent officials fled and did not brought to justice. With these fictional figures .. and the multiplicity and diversity of financial corruption of fake contracts issues, and the use of large bribes, and manipulation of the committees appointments and recruitments and committees procurement, operations names phantom mode, and forgery number Referred remains to eliminate these charges is disproportionate with the issues mentioned capacity, remains the verdicts simple and do not live up to the gravity of the offense and the breach of trust and waste of public money and looting. And it assumes liability for the judiciary to resolve issues with appropriate provisions, as the Integrity Commission does not have the right to make judgments, or orders the arrest of accused and convicted. It was for administrative and financial chaos that followed the fall of the previous power process and the accompanying looting and the concomitant absence of authority and the weakness in the application of decisions and insecurity, and the threat to loyal workers in the field chasing the corrupt and weak to protect them despite what he suffered activists members of the control and integrity bodies of kidnap and murder at the hands of terrorism, which constitutes a financial corruption and Aladareiugea The last of the multiple facets. For all these reasons it was large and clear impact on the continuation of this phenomenon of corruption and the inability of the competent organs and bodies of actors eliminated or scaled.