Hauling 500 corruption file to the Public Prosecution

Writings Monday, October 05 .2015

Revealed Monday in the Iraqi parliament member, on the transfer of more than 500 file corruption, the various ministries and government institutions, to prosecutors and the Commission on Public Integrity, to take legal action, against those involved in them.
In a statement to Anatolia, said Mohamed Hamidi, a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, said that his committee "referred more than 500 financial and administrative corruption file, to prosecutors and the Integrity Commission during the session (parliamentary) current, including dangerous files belonging to the Ministry of Defense and other ministries." He explained that "among the files that have been forwarded to the Commission on Public Integrity, a Czech aircraft, and other contracts relating to the Ministry of Health, and the import of medicines."
And on the actors involved corruption contracts allocated to the "Public Integrity", between the Iraqi official Committee that "the judiciary and Public Prosecution, will detect those involved and size of the files after the completion of the necessary investigations."
And announced a Public Integrity Commission last August, on the transfer of two thousand and 171 senior official, including 13 ministers and those who are Badrjtah, to misdemeanor courts, corruption, revealing that the ministers of defense, trade, electricity and former transportation, among the most wanted judicial authorities.
And he decided to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the beginning of last August, prevent officials accused of corruption files, from traveling outside the country, and bring them to justice, hours after Iraq's parliament vote, the reform package, including "the prosecution of the corrupt."