Went to cut the roof of the budget next year

05/10/2015 19:35

The parliamentary finance committee looking to identify ways and priorities for access to real deficit reduction, which will affect the size of the general budget mechanisms.

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: The Iraqi government plans to reduce the overall ceiling on the size of budget allocations next year to less than 113 trillion dinars.

The parliamentary finance committee and revealed at a news Monday statement, the Parliamentary Committee met with Hoshyar Zebari, Iraqi Minister of Finance to discuss next year's budget and related large deficit and how to deal with external borrowing and diagnosis of nations willing to lend to Iraq and to address the roof top of the allocations of the federal budget .ooodan Committee, that We discussed the priorities and identify ways to gain access to real deficit reduction, which will affect the doors of the federal budget the size of the Iraqi state mechanisms.

She added, that the grades in the general budget in 2016 dedicated to the sectors of education, education, health and security ministries. In addition, all procedures are discussed with the Finance Minister and his aides and the Inspector General, the Parliamentary Committee submitted the list of recommendations to the Ministry to expand the adoption of seriousness in the Internal Revenue budget and support the private sector and openness to investment.

On the other hand, it felt that the general budget law must be comprehensive and years, and the contribution of the government budget in support of the Iraqi national economy will amount to about 50-60 per cent, with reliance on diversifying the economy through the contribution of investors and reducing the size of the deficit of the private sector.