Password: prevent the flow of vehicle license plates interim examination expanded

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} General Traffic Directorate announced prevent vehicles carrying plates interim examination} {Almnafist across Iraq as of today, confirming the imposition of a fine of 30 000 dinars on violators.

The Media General Traffic Brigadier Walid Ammar, director of the Euphrates News Agency {today}, that "as of today will prevent roaming vehicles bearing plates interim examination of all kinds and forms".

He stressed that "the Directorate of Traffic has given a sufficient period of six months to convert the temporary plates to permanent screening for compounds that do not have the holder or the owner, adding that the time limit expired on 29 of the last month."

He said "all the plates interim examination in accordance with the specified time is 6 months has been completed," noting that "the Directorate had approximately 47 000 vehicle where legal problems pretext of the absence of the holder or the owner, was submitted to the Minister of the Interior, which in turn submitted to the Prime Minister, and got approval 6 months to replace registration plates before, and to keep winning."

The General Traffic Directorate confirmed earlier taken new measures to register with temporary plates examination} {Almnafist vehicles enables the actual possession of the vehicle from getting {annual} bearing his name without the presence of the original owner and the holder. Ended h