State of law calls Abadi to explain what he meant by " Necessity Commander "
Monday, 05 October 2015 13:20

Shafaq News / MP of State of law coalition , Awatif Nemaa called the Prime Minister , Haider al-Abadi to explain what he intended by saying, " the necessity Commander "

in his recent speech, stressing that the reforms are achieved by adopting a moderate speech which strengthens the hope in the hearts of the masses.

Prime Minister , Haider al-Abadi attacked in a speech on Saturday on the corruption of what he described as "the ruler and necessity commander " in previous governments, including the distribution of donations in times of elections.

Nemaa said in an interview received by “Shafaq News " that “ If we talked about corruption and waste of public money , we must open the failed oil agreement files with Kurdistan region and the oil which have been smuggled through Turkey, oil and suspicious transactions, officials and contractors of fake projects, but in any case we must be neutral and fair if we want to eliminate corruption in all its forms, and move away from selectivity. "