Abbadi directed strong criticism to Al-Maliki Baghdad
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Thread: Abbadi directed strong criticism to Al-Maliki Baghdad

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    Abbadi directed strong criticism to Al-Maliki Baghdad

    Abbadi directed strong criticism to Al-Maliki Baghdad

    Video. Abbadi directed strong criticism to Al-Maliki Baghdad: KDP. info face Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi ripped to its predecessor, the leader of his party (the invitation), Nuri al-Maliki is the first of its kind, and accused him of squandering funds budgets.

    Abbadi was announced during a press conference Monday that previous Governments squandered the wealth of Iraq grants and tenders from Commander necessary, especially during election seasons, referring to Maliki. He called for "those responsible for this waste, and confirmed that his Government was engaged in '' pay the debt of oil companies, said that the Government acknowledges in the Treasury $ 3 billion, compared with $ 15 billion debt.

    It was the deadliest attack guided by Abbadi's predecessor, in conjunction with leaks about Cabinet orders the evacuation of the Presidential Palace, Al-Maliki held inside the green zone.

    This development indicates strained relationship within the party of Al-Maliki's Dawa, owing to the refusal of some supporters of reform steps, especially his dismissal from the post of Vice-President of the Republic, or in case of a fall.

    Al-Abbadi's attack also indicates the strength of the letter sent by the top Shiite spiritual leader Ali al-Sistani, last Friday, when the student via certified in Karbala, responsible waste of Iraq funds in previous budgets.

    Member of the Federation said Sunni mp Mohammed Al-karbouli powers in connection with the «life» success «in implementing his reforms Abadi depends on two things: the first restoration of the relationship with partners and renew trust, the second more than half of the deputies hold officials guilty of wasting public money in previous years». He said that the accusations made by the (Ibadi) against Al-Maliki carrying large signs and a turning point in a big government speech path». He said: «I see very difficult to prosecute Al-Abadi of Maliki last parliamentary base owns Conn petition could hamper any attempt to hold him.

    A security source said, requesting anonymity for «life», States in the quadripartite Alliance (Russia, Iran, Syria and Iraq) that there should be a representative of each State intelligence in charge of coordinating, assisted by six advisers.

    So called Kurdistan region presidency both Russia and us-led coalition to coordinate efforts and cooperation to achieve quick results to eliminate organized daash», welcomes any assistance from Moscow to the peshmerga forces.»

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