Directives change the 13 judges sites according to specialize in the eyes of suits

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse October 4:

The Supreme Judicial Council announced on Sunday, for a decision to change the 13 judges sites, and the transfer of jurisdiction and venue of some of the Personal Status Court of River Street suits to courts close to the parties to the proceedings, stressing that the procedure falls within the approximation plan the elimination of the citizen.
The spokesman for the federal judiciary Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar in a statement received L / Iraq Press /, copy it, that "these changes were based on statistics and specialization in the eyes of suits."
He pointed out that "the Judicial Council took the decision to move another jurisdiction and venue of some of the claims and transactions of the Personal Status Court Street to the nearby river of the parties to the relationship the courts."
Bayraktar stressed that "it is part of the federal judiciary in the development plan work contexts in the courts and to ensure transparency and eliminate approximation of the citizen."
He noted that "decisions taken on the presidency of the Court of Appeal proposed by Baghdad / Rusafa Federal and then trading between members of the Supreme Judicial Council"

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