Experts and academics suggest Syed detailed plan for economic reform (1 2) 10/4
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Thread: Experts and academics suggest Syed detailed plan for economic reform (1 2) 10/4

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    Experts and academics suggest Syed detailed plan for economic reform (1 2) 10/4

    Experts and academics suggest Syed detailed plan for economic reform (1 2)

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    A number of experts and Iraqi academics detailed memorandum to Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi to fix the economic situation in the country, confirmed that it had prepared in consultation with a number of senior economists and technicians of Iraq in order to lift the national economy of the rent trap and heavy dependence on the oil sector in financing the State budget and overall economic activity.
    The expert called by the note "the term" received a copy of the forwarding activity of the State and the private sector to stimulate growth of the housing and urban development, education and health with urgency, as well as an emphasis on reconstruction and rehabilitation of liberated areas of daash to resettle the displaced there, also included proposals for development of agricultural sector and face water scarcity based drip irrigation techniques calling to activate Iraqi diplomatic role in preserving the rights of Iraq.

    The experts offered proposals that included three doors, first activate the non-oil sector to spur production and generate productive jobs in promising sectors with low need for foreign exchange and import, and II included the oil and gas sector, which they said he hit the international ban much of the degradation, inter alia title III demands and other detailed proposals to the Government.
    Experts stressed that reform of government departments and development and combating corruption are necessary conditions for future economic advancement and success of proposals and policies walstratigiat included in the note.

    Details of the note:
    (Part one):
    Activation of the non-oil sector to spur production and generate productive jobs in promising sectors with low need for foreign exchange and import

    Iraq suffers from significant economic problems, notably a decline in oil prices and revenues of State ominously serious balance-of-payments problems and the dinar exchange rate also if serious economic action within a time horizon. This note will not enter details of some disturbing figures resulting from the deterioration of the financial situation are known, without a doubt, the Chief of staff of the Government and some international organizations.
    I have resulted in dwindling revenue shortfall a few balancing 2015, 2016 budget indicators to some extent deploy which suggests worsening gap between income and expenditure and to the possibility of entering the country with huge debts and high interest rates will shackle the future of the national economy. Signs of the recovery of oil prices is not clear and does not justify any slackening of efforts to diversify the economy and reform the corrupt of these directories also mechanisms must pay toward the rationalization of public expenditure programmes if our country could play again.
    SAG has the State apparatus of corruption weakening economic performance and service effectiveness at a time when aldwaash to the provinces of Nineveh, Anbar and wide some of Saladin and taken control of most Euphrates River streamings threaten the sustainability of agricultural activities in the mid-Euphrates and southern. Wesaralanvak military and, inter alia, displaced persons and martyrs and widows and orphans and war ystenz financial resources and important youth at a time when resources are spent on salaries and retirement and adult and political privileges and low productivity.
    The country's economic path was mazoma ago, the effects of accelerated consumer spending, Government waste, over more than three decades led to a regression in developmental performance. Deteriorated infrastructure destroyed and hunt the technical capacity to manage the economy and the State and installations as a result of large-scale migration of doctors, engineers, technicians and scientists.
    On the other hand, injects extremely high tempos of population growth, large numbers of jobseekers will be able to provide enough State future under existing financial crisis. The era was after 2003 has seen the biggest hiring non-product that has distorted the structure of the labour market and exhausted oil resources to finance is weak, if not negative economic returns and service.
    And as a result of population growth exacerbated problems of overcrowding in cities and housing was one of the important implications of rising urban land prices webaigarat homes and real estate values. And to a degree not few, due to the increasing indicator of population per housing unit.
    These distressed conditions, with unemployment rampant youth, warrant importance focus on alternative policies to create enough jobs in the productive and service fields syndrome (quickly) outside employment which exacerbated unemployment in the State.
    And with rampant housing crisis, there is still the potential to save a lot of productive jobs if the State prudent strategy was prepared to provide an increasing number of housing units built within human settlements. And the design would have to also provide services of water and sewerage, electricity, public transport, health and education services, not to mention the space needed for sports, toys and entertainment and shopping. And will generate significant employment opportunities to focus on and it will not be required to spend in import requirements necessarily coupled with spending went there a proposal complementary to activate lending and providing active support from specialized banks for growth industries. This will lead to reduced demand (non-almdarbati) on the dollar, which tends to increasingly scarce with the deterioration of State revenues. And by increasing the real value added locally within the construction industry, will also work through attracting job seekers work productivity of rampant unemployment. .

    For facilitating financing of housing required of all citizens seeking refuge, there is an urgent need to facilitate the long-term funding since at least (25-30) years to guarantee housing to be constructed to be reasonable interest rates and lending extends to include all citizens seeking housing.
    On the other hand, despite the anticipated water crisis, there is potential for increasing employment and production in agriculture through stimulating investment in drip irrigation. So, enjoy the drip irrigation, greater attention from the Ministry of agriculture, banks and Government initiatives on the development of this sector for employment and production stream.
    For the sustainability of agriculture and revive initiatives call for the Government to give water problems with neighbouring countries the importance which it deserves within the balance of tasks that diplomacy was not active in this area vital to the interests of the country.

    There are numerous additional proposals to our above listed in section III below, many of which target strengthening the work towards the rationalization of public spending on the one hand and stratigia, but urgently, towards a focused investment programmes designed to reduce unemployment and poverty rates significantly and to convert some currently serving in the State about the activities and the work of the productive development outside designated employment.

    As the country was experiencing rapid population growth pressures are very wary of scarcity of water resources and finance not to mention unemployment rampant, particularly youth unemployment which enhance the tendency towards large-scale migration due to failure to keep pace with the increasing demand for jobs.

    So we call on the Government to pay attention to these serious problems long-term, through the implementation of effective family planning programmes.

    The proposals and demands of Government calls for economic reform in many areas and are not confined to features of almakroet policies required. Our demands exceed the latter's interference in the features of the reform and strengthening of a number of sectoral and spatial policies too.
    The most important of these policies required immediate need to create successful and sustainable development model for sustainability within a geographical spots safer and we propose here focus on the provinces of Basra, Maysan and Dhi Qar, owing to the relative security and convergence. What is required here is to become the desired development paradigm there is a model for other parts of home and less stable start so the first steps "spread example of successful development in the reconstruction programs.
    Until recently it was abundant financial resources (and is no longer as well), the reconstruction has been hindered and stumbled and it became known that corruption, nepotism and the allocations and marginalize Iraqi competencies inside and outside the home had missed development opportunities will not come back. If the Government is now moving in the direction of development and employment, reconstruction and the fight against poverty, the country and its path will remain governed by mazomin and by underdevelopment to the duration unknown.
    Reform will require conditions of State telling transparent with citizens will enable work to light the possibilities and priorities. Will also specify the responsibilities of waste of development opportunities was not justified and it is no longer acceptable at all!!
    Reform will require conditions cancel the allocations of political, sectarian and ethnic division of responsibilities of the State and combating corruption effectively and return to the Iraqi competencies all tasks required of Prime Minister so as not to frustrate the directions of change in support of the development and diversification of the economic structure of the country.[/B]

    (Part II): the oil and gas sector
    Hit the international ban this sector a lot of deterioration. And returned the developments after 2003 investment activity to crude oil and transferred to port while the final refining capacities and development potential of associated natural gas processing sufficient attention. Aldaashet attack was on the Baiji refinery and withdrew from the actual refining largest refineries of the country amounting to 310,000 barrels a day capacity without the Basrah Refinery expansion but 22 percent of the country's refining capacity than GA power to increase the import of petroleum products.

    Excessive oil licensing rounds came in ambitions to increase production and exports. As demonstrated by the recent collapse in oil prices, a glut of oil supply as a result of the development of new techniques for drilling and extraction of oil shale and increase the supply of sustainable energy alternatives all have led to price pressure on traditional oils, including Iraqi oil, which will increase competition between exporters shares in energy markets and to provide price discounts for importing countries.

    In Kurdistan, the Government went to use contracts to participate mostly small companies and was commissioned. The prevailing look was a territory similar to what prevailed among the Federal Government that oil is a troubleshooter first view that oil price developments have proved futile since late 2014. As coordination and integration in the oil policies between the Center and weak, it has reinforced the pressure on world oil prices lost parties promising amounts as a result of this competition.

    In light of the growing need for financing the Iraq funding and the territory becomes a modern day change contract terms with the oil companies and for elusive Iraq only if the Ministry of oil and Ministry of natural resources, production and export policies in a coordinated manner, in the direction of maintaining oil and gas reservoirs from attrition.
    Either in the natural gas sector, Iraq had burned in 2014 for nearly half the total production of natural gas is no longer justified and not acceptable (by OPEC).

    From here we call upon the Governments of the Centre and the region not to compete and to coordinate the interests of all Iraqis to maintain our rapid depletion of oil and lower prices and burn natural gas. We also call for rationalization of production and export programs and reviewed for the purpose of contributing to global price increases after you change display modes of non-conventional oils, which may not be far away in time now.
    We also call for not entering into licensing rounds or new contracts and the expansion of oil production in Iraq's Kurdistan in order to strengthen the tendency to diversify Iraq's economy as a whole.
    We call upon the Ministry of oil to speed up the programmes and projects of associated natural gas from the southern fields, either to generate electricity or as feedstock in petrochemical industry, fertilizer industry. We call on the Ministry to determine the time perspective for a gradual reduction of gas flaring ratios down to stop heartburn in Iraq for reasons both economic and environmental.

    We also call for the re-establishment of the national oil company to manage and implement oil production operations either directly or in cooperation with oil companies within the framework of the contracts of service to keep the oil Ministry responsible for relations with OPEC and local refining and distribution sectors, as well as in the private sector and policy coordination with electricity to provide power sources and on coordination between the region and the oil-producing provinces.

    We also call for investigation and accounting about corruption in the oil industry in that case if the other State institutions.

    For refining problems and a shortage of supply, we call on the oil Ministry to examine the potential technical alternatives and capital and operating costs for the involvement of the private sector to invest in creating a small distillation units Mobile Units near the production fields Skid.
    Finally, as a result of the problems faced by the country during the recent period, demand study or topical founded the Ministry of energy and petroleum industries include electricity industry within a common organizational structure.

    The undersigned
    * Dr. Fadhil Abbas Mehdi – formerly Director of economic analysis at the Economic Commission for Western Asia, the United Nations and international consultant on development planning/UN Secretariat (formerly)
    * Dr. maytham winfred – Professor of Economics
    * Dr. Madhu/international economist
    * Dr. Mohammed Saeed Conchita-Economist resident in Austria
    * Prof. Kazem Habib-economist and author
    * Prof. Dr. Abdul Salam al-Idrisi – economist and retired/San Diego/California
    * Dr. Zaid bead-expert information
    * Dr. Jassim Mohammed Ali-economist and Professor Emeritus
    * Dr. Saad Fathallah-economist and Professor
    * Dr. Qassem akaïchi – consultant engineer (electrical energy)
    * Foad Al-kadhimiy/oil expert and retired
    * Hamid al-kifai – economist and journalist
    * Dr. successful labidi-economic and tax expert
    * Muwafaq Hassan Mahmoud – banker
    * Dr. Medhat Al-Quraishi-economist and College Professor/expert earlier United Nations Industrial
    * Dr. Sadiq al-owainati – consultant engineer/urban sustainable development
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