The checklist calls for prosecution of Al-Maliki as responsible for what happened during the last years!
Date: Saturday, 03-10-15 02:59 pm

The Supreme religious authority, stressed Friday the need for concerted efforts to combat "daash" and expand the response, called to unite in the face of internal management.
The representative of reference Mr. Ahmed Safi during Friday prayers held in Husseini saucer "battlefield with terrorists articulated and fateful battle for all Iraqis", adding: "but it's not a battle but a battle of the world all that terrorists target humanity and civilization".
NET stressed that "it is necessary to notify of efforts to combat this scourge and to expand the scope of the response from all sides", stressing that "it is very important to unite in the face of internal attitudes, especially its impact on empowerment of combatants in the fronts."