Abadi agrees to "farm full-time," the Association of proposals for the advancement of the agricultural sector in order to support the national economy

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / ... Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi approved the report submitted by the "Association of full-time farm", in the second technical workshop, which was held under the slogan (the advancement of the agricultural sector in order to support the national economy) in September 2015 14/15.

The head of the Association to improve the al-Musawi, in an interview with / Baghdadi News / "The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi agreed to all the proposals and recommendations submitted to him by the Association during the workshop meeting", adding that "al-Abadi instructed the distribution of agricultural land to full-time agricultural work within the law 24 for the year 2013".

He said al-Moussawi, said the Association According to the report, "the government considered the success of the program, linked to work to move the economic performance of all staff, (industrial, agricultural and commercial) as well as the distribution of sources of production and employment in economic activity strengthens."

He explained that the report, stressed that "there can be no proposals for agricultural reform and Allarroaii only consolidated the will on which all agree in terms of the reforms it began the Prime Minister under the title package (Iraq agricultural country and faith in the national to the product which not perform a farming)."

Regarding the role of the peasant associations between al-Moussawi said "The report called for limiting the role of the peasant associations in the legal their space, which began because of him, namely, (with organizational and social nature of the cooperative and not of its functions legislation of laws relating to agriculture and set up marketing outlets or even overtaking on the competence of the experts in the field of agriculture such as placing strategies in agricultural development), according to the report indicating al-Moussawi that "its role was negative in harnessing the potentials in the agricultural sector away from things for example meddling in politics and elections."

He noted al-Moussawi, said that "the report stressed the legal role of agricultural land legislation and the need to issue those laws of specialists in legislation and law as well as the implementation of the management immediately fits the requirements phase," noting the "lack of legislation of laws through emergency meetings".

With regard to water resources, said the report, to "identify ways to maintain them through the integrated management of water resources in remote areas for rivers Home (dry such as areas) as well as to take advantage of modern methods and technologies for active management, especially the use of foreign expertise or send specialists abroad for transfer experiences and new technologies in the optimum use of water."

He noted that the report stressed in this aspect also to "promote the use of non-conventional water sources and emphasize the importance of the role of water planning in the protection of water resources and ensuring sustainable development can of these resources."

And between full-time President of the Agricultural Association of the report, stressed the "activating the role of the media in agricultural extension and agricultural irrigation and awareness."

The report accused according to al-Moussawi, the way agricultural lending and lending mechanisms describing it as "tainted by corruption as a result of the use of the loan in the fields for accommodation and fake projects on paper to take advantage of the loan for other things and long."

He explained that the report was submitted several proposals including the "Amendment Act 35 as amended and which provides for the renewal of the contract for 5 years only," and urged to "re-study and of the law before the amendment and the judge duration of 25 years under the terms of the exploitation of the land and the implementation of the agricultural plan and pay the rent."

He called for "full-time dedicated to the distribution of agricultural land within the law 24, which was held by the ousted former regime, which Astortha influential officials and members of parliament and local governorates."

The report called for "restructuring of the General Company for Agricultural Supplies and transfer all Manmaha to the Ministry of Agriculture, which was processed in an orderly and peasants as issued by the Ministry of Agriculture plan."

He called Altgarirayda to "reconsider the transfer of the powers of the Ministry of Agriculture to the local government to prove the local government administration failure in the agricultural side and the influence of officials on agricultural land and the monopoly of the role of government departments and put them in their own officials, project service," and attributed the reason that "the agricultural product is the product of a national managed by the central government because it is the main food for the citizen."

The report called, to "stop the razing agricultural land and orchards and the reduction of the phenomenon exploited indiscriminately in building homes."Stressing that "the immediate exchange of dues peasants upon receipt of the agricultural harvest of wheat and barley and to facilitate the receipt of the product and reduce Alaptzar phenomenon, which has become common and many tainted by corruption" .anthy 21 / b