Sat, 03 Oct 2015 12:19:15

Abadi: we will hold of squandered wealth and seek to approve the 2016 budget at a reasonable price for oil

Stressed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said his government will hold accountable all of wasted wealth of Iraq in previous governments, "adding that" the Cabinet seeks to approve the budget for fiscal 2016 at a reasonable price for oil. "The supreme religious authority has stressed yesterday to prosecute and hold accountable those responsible for what happened during the the last years of the loss of hundreds of billions of money of the Iraqi people in fake projects and contracting based on nepotism and corruption ", noting that" if the law did not apply the right of these and relive them money and punished for their crimes, including by matching will continue to corruption will not be deterred by corrupt for their practices. " He stressed al-Abadi told a news conference building cabinet on Saturday that it should be done accountability of causing the loss of wealth in previous governments, including the distribution of donations during the election, and this is what the government started it. "He stressed the move to implement reforms," ​​adding that he "has no intention to stop So even though he lost a lot of friends because of the reforms, "pointing to" impress the international community especially when it carried out in Iraq is going through a time of economic recession and a state of war against terrorism. " And next year's budget Abadi announced to seek cabinet approval at a reasonable price for oil, however, we will continue to reduce government spending. "On the quadruple alliance, which brings together Iraq, Syria, Iran and Russia, the prime minister expressed his surprise at the reservation some of it." Abadi did not rule out Russia directing air strikes on Iraq Daash in Baghdad provided the approval of the "asserting that" Iraq will take any support from any party, including the four-party alliance because it is the only country that fights Daash, "calling on the world to help him do so." The prime minister pointed to his recent visit to New York and to represent Iraq at the General Assembly of the United Nations meeting, "noting," We have had several meetings with the leaders and heads of state focused on supporting Iraq in the war on Daash being is important, "likely that" we see on the ground in Iraq in the near future footprint on our meetings with some leaders and leaders. "