Parliament session Switch to secret interrogation Defense Minister
Saturday October 32 015 - 14:37

Chairman of the parliament decided on Saturday, converting to a secret parliamentary session, while the parliamentary source attributed the reason to question the Minister of Defense Khalid al-Obeidi.

The source said in remarks to the local media followed tow Radio that "the Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided to convert the 26 parliament session, which was held today, the secret".

He added that "the purpose of the meeting is to make a secret interrogation Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi," noting that "the parliament will continue after the meeting to vote on the membership of the House of Representatives some validity."

The Council of Representatives, on Saturday under the chairmanship of its 26-Salim al-Jubouri, and the presence of 255 deputies, as well as the presence of Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi.