Iraqis waiting to cause cholera power outages after announcement of his absence 10/2
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Thread: Iraqis waiting to cause cholera power outages after announcement of his absence 10/2

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    Iraqis waiting to cause cholera power outages after announcement of his absence 10/2

    Iraqis waiting to cause cholera power outages after the announcement of his absence due to moisture

    Basra - Iraq Press - to justify is the first of its kind the Iraqis had never known over 15 years of continuous power cuts despite spending billions of dollars in vain to fix Among them was Congelation gas inside equipped stations tubes and burst generators because of rain and wire break because of high winds and storms winter, as well as the bombing of the towers tanker and fuel shortages, water scarcity and increasing loads in summer, but the production of electric energy directorate in the southern region came out on us a new heresy never heard of them Iraqis earlier while stopped a number of power stations announced as well as the first Albarjtin and the second due to moisture which led to power cuts in several areas of the province.

    The spokesman added Directorate, just Hilfi, "The high humidity in Basra led to the exit Hartha thermal power station Rumaila station for work while also out of service for the first Albarjtin and the second," adding, "All the stations associated with the 132 lines kv and most of them went out of work as well as that of two units of Khor Al-Zubair terminal left the service because of moisture means 1000 MW out of work in Basra."

    To that taunt activists desperate to repair the electrical system not because of financial corruption and administrative only, but because of the lack sold or rather swallow it through privatization by Samenzalolmanah Company or General Electric American or an Iranian companies and otherwise it will not get better at all because all the excuses put forward and Stsaq but purpose of privatization and sale of dirhams a few to major capital companies, said activists "only cause cholera power outages after the exhaustion of excuses, all that was left in the quiver of the Committee on parliamentary power nor minister nor the House of Representatives and the provincial councils were left what invoking it do in the future to justify the outage only cholera dominated throughout the week and announce the reverse, but it reappear again Thursday evening, just 24 hours before the outbreak of demonstrations calling for reform of the seated protesters in their homes, but without electricity."

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