Babylon sugar factory: produce million tons per year, trade is not cooperating with us, and imports to achieve the benefits

Between the sugar factory in the province of Babylon, the production capacity of one million tons per year.

The head of the Governing Council of the Federation for Food Industries Company Mohammed Hussein Ali, told all of Iraq [where], that "productive plant capacity of one million tons per year, which is capable of bridging the country's need, as we our plans for five future years to meet the needs of the ration card and the domestic market." .
He stressed, "There is no cooperation by the Ministry of Commerce, and this our problem, since they want to import materials from abroad to achieve the benefits, and do not want production locally, the price Exposed does not bring benefits."
He asked to saying what are the legal destination for the import of sugar despite the fact that the plant is able to produce it ?! ", noting that" the Ministry of Commerce says it has commitments with companies for more than 15 years. "
He pointed out that "The ministry distributed the amount of contracts to negotiate, and gave us 50% of the contract and that after the intervention of officials, namely, if the contract is 300 000 tonnes will give us 150 000 tons, and other quantity is imported."
And between the "we do not we could export sugar to the outside because we are working on local production," pointing out that "the sugar product is the best in the world, and that the testimony of the Ministry of Commerce, after the whiteness of the sugar analysis turned out to be 25% better than the imported many times because the new lab and capabilities high, "noting that" there are 1600 workers at the plant, will remain without a job under any circumstances stop the lab. "
The MP for the National Alliance Hamdiya Husseini, called last Wednesday, the Commerce Department to contract with the sugar production plant in Babylon to encourage national industry and provide the needs of the card Altamoanah.