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Russia declares arming the province and its representation in the four-party alliance and the Peshmerga denies

Iranian troops gone per Abadi per the article

Abadi: shelling of Russia Daash possible in Iraq and Washington's support for us is limited

Image Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Thursday that he would welcome air strikes against al-Russia orientation Daash in Iraq and that his country receives information from Syria and Russia on the organization.

When asked whether he had discussed with the Russian air strikes in Iraq, Ebadi said, "Not yet, but if this prospect and gave us a proposal Sndersh".
He added Abadi channel France 24 on the sidelines of the General Assembly of the United Nations that Iraq expects from the international coalition and the Americans to provide air cover significant for the protection of the Iraqi forces, "adding that" the support received by Iraq so far limited but the most important goal is to fight al Daash ".

The Prime Minister said that "the exchange of information from Russia is in the interest of Iraq because Russia has a lot of information," adding that "the more information has increased its ability to protect the Iraqi people."

He continued, "The Baghdad receive a very great deal of information from the Syrian government also on Daash" pointing out that "the number of experts and advisers Iranians in Iraq does not exceed Addm 110 and provide advice and training," stressing that "there is no Iranian ground forces in Iraq."
When asked if he believed that Russia bombed targets do not belong to Daash Abadi said that Russian President Vladimir Putin told him that Moscow of targeting interest Daash because Moscow fears that the Russians hardcore fighters may return to Russia to carry out attacks. "

He said he "sees a difference in the fight against Daash but he hopes to be in the right direction," he said, adding that "the goal is to include everyone in the fight against organized and not fighting among themselves" .anthy