Parliamentary Economic coordinate with the Council of Ministers to recover funds smuggled

BAGHDAD - News Today - Vice Chairman of the economic and investment commission in Parliament, Harith al-Harthy said, that the Commission coordinate with the Council of Ministers to take quick action to recover funds contraband, since those funds can be used to support the national economy, as well as the pursuit of economic and investment commission to activate the private sector, and other supporting projects for financial returns of the state.

He said Al-Harthy's agency news today that "should the economic committees of the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives and even the provincial economic commissions councils in ministries unify its position and its work, including to support the local economy, Abbarsm economic plans and planning for projects supporting the public and private sectors, which develops the economic activity of the country."

He explained that "economic officials in all state institutions, did not reach far into appropriate solutions to address the economic crisis experienced by the country, as well as the absence of their plans for a successful supportive of the national economy."