Allawi adviser deny report last "billion" receive in exchange to grant Kurds 17% 10/1
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Thread: Allawi adviser deny report last "billion" receive in exchange to grant Kurds 17% 10/1

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    Allawi adviser deny report last "billion" receive in exchange to grant Kurds 17% 10/1

    Allawi adviser denies reports last "billion" to receive in exchange for granting the Kurds 17% of the budget

    Alsumaria News / Baghdad - Denied former Vice President Iyad Allawi adviser, on Thursday, reported receiving Allawi annual percentage exceeds one billion dollars since 2005 and will continue for an indefinite period in exchange for his agreement with the Kurds to make the proportion of 17% of the budget, stressing that this decision was "unanimous agreement" political forces government and not an individual decision.

    Chancellor Thaer al-Naqib said in a press statement received Alsumaria News a copy of it, "I picked up lately some of the means of social communication via electronic addresses completely false and unfounded information is based on paid sources to make a band in Iraqi society that imports Ayad Allawi annual surpass one billion dollars since So far in 2005 and it will continue for an indefinite period, the annual percentage of which agree with the Kurds is Mehdi al-Hafez when making a decision issued Kurds 17% of the total budget. "

    He added Captain "I am through my work at the time with Iyad Allawi, in my capacity as director of the Department of Communications in the Iraqi government and official spokesman for the government, and to date I would like to clarify the truth of the matter," explaining that "the decision to increase to 17% was made under an agreement between the political forces in the government and until the census population. "

    And the Captain "co-decision a group of ministers was not an individual decision but unanimously adopted," adding that "Allawi adopts always defend the Iraqi people and its unity and interests of issues and respects the Kurds overseeing the positions of the struggle of the Iraqi people Karim against exclusivity and dictatorship."

    He Adviser "in the same statement, these sources reported the news last confuted basis which Allawi rejected the request Bremer to postpone the 2005 elections for two years and that was the desire of multinational forces (Casey)," pointing out that "the source of the bankrupt and paid wages seems to be forgotten that Bremer He had left Iraq on 06.28.2004 and the elections took place in 2005, so how Bremer request from Allawi's this thing? ".

    He pointed out that the Captain "from student to postpone the elections for two years are all Iraqi political forces, which met over two days in Dokan in late 2004, and asked to postpone the elections and not Bremer, who originally did not exist in Iraq at the time."

    It is said that the federal government granted the province of Kurdistan 17% of the total amount of the financial budget.

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