Allawi: No complete success in the war on terror without a political victory

Twilight News / former Vice President Iyad Allawi / said on Thursday that the success of the international coalition strategy against "terrorism" would not be complete without what he called "political victory" in Iraq.

He said Allawi, who heads the National Coalition, in a statement reported for Twilight News, "constantly we confirmed and since nearly a year on the need for a strategy for the countries of the Alliance and in an integrated manner, and that are compatible and integrated with the Iraqi authority strategy when what, if any, and that this strategy include all of the elements as well as the political and military victory."

He continued by saying "we have stressed the need to hold a regional security conference of Arab and Islamic countries take part in it with the exception of Syria, the lack of clarity in who represents the presence of Syria and Turkey as well as Iran, we have moved in this direction."

He added that the New York conference in 29 this was the outcome mediate several parties to achieve this, including what his It is the coalition of regional and international efforts and the development of a clear road map to the security of a regional integrated based on consultation, deterrence and ensure the interests and balance, exchange and non-interference in internal affairs, adding that he called for Iraq continues to be a center of.

Allawi said that his coalition to support the joint Arab defense project and work later on expanded to be helpful, however, the regional states to defend the peoples of the region against all forms of extremism and aggression and praised Egypt's role sister national pioneer and outstanding effort in this area.

He pointed out that "national had contacts with Russian leaders Russia to be part of the coalition because of their weight and the ability to contribute actively to resolve Syria's problems on the one hand and also to detect them threatened by the expansion of the scope of terrorism on the other. Now that danger has approached all, became unified action Everyone is required to eliminate extremism and terrorism."

Allawi and called for "the participation of regional and wide and setting foundations and accessories political and military confrontation," warning at the same time from "Iraq remains an arena for conflicts and regional and international intensification of these conflicts as happening now and we have to tend Iraqi authority to it and put the necessary steps to protect our people and to preserve Iraq's sovereignty and dignity the nation".

Allawi has warned earlier that "the post-Daash and edit cities and regions usurped by this regulation is an important stage, which is necessary to complete this international movement and internationalist Internally Iraqi initiate and work to achieve national reconciliation and truth and put the necessary measures to ensure that the return of these bands to the liberated areas and work on the return of all displaced families and compensated and the reconstruction of the destroyed cities."