US & Russia meet to prevent accidents between operation forces in Syria 10/1
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Thread: US & Russia meet to prevent accidents between operation forces in Syria 10/1

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    US & Russia meet to prevent accidents between operation forces in Syria 10/1

    Urgent military meeting between the US and Russia in order to avoid the occurrence of any accidents between their forces in Syria

    United Nations - (AFP) - The United States and Russia, which Chen each raids in Syria to hold a military meeting as soon as possible to avoid any incident between their forces in this country have agreed, according to what has been announced as minister American John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov, the Foreign after a meeting between them on Wednesday.

    Kerry said with Lavrov, speaking to reporters, "We agreed on the need to hold talks between the military personnel of the two countries as soon as possible, perhaps even starting from tomorrow to prevent conflict," while stressing Lavrov "We agreed that contacts between the military carried out very soon."

    Countries seeking to avoid any military incident between the Russian aircraft, which began to pay strikes in Syria and planes coalition led by the United States, which has waged since raids on sites for the organization of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

    Kerry said that despite Washington's concern about the Russian support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on the objectives you choose in air strikes initiated by, the two ministers exchanged ideas campaign to push the political process there.

    Lavrov said, "We all want Syria democratic, united and secular, Syria homeland for all ethnic groups, where their rights are guaranteed, but we have some differences in terms of the details of how to reach it."

    Kerry said they Christmlan proposals that have been discussed to the US Presidents Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin and will remain in touch with what is going to work on the settlement of disputes.

    Kerry said, "will certainly Ntaya issue, as we agreed on the need to find a solution and avoid escalation by any means and out of control the situation."

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