Commerce Minister chairs a meeting of the Central Committee of the contract for the supply of the subjects of international origins Alrswalzi

Terrace Engineer Mlas Mohammed Abdel-Karim, Minister of Commerce meeting of the Central Committee of the contract to discuss the need ration card for the next period and securing food inventories to meet future conditions in the light of the economic and security challenges, said Mohamed Agloh Director General of Administrative and Financial Department and spokesman at the Ministry of Trade that CEC engagements discussed a lot of processing of the items of food processing applications for insurance requirements for all citizens in all parts of the country and so as to ensure good stocks and provides a vocabulary along the days of the year.

He pointed out that the Minister of Commerce stressed the importance of considering applications for processing efficient companies that have the expertise and integrity in the delivery of food vocabulary as well as credibility in Toukattat access these materials based on the contractual penalty clauses contained in the contract processing, according to the law and government regulations.

He pointed out that the committee discussed the contracts to import 80 000 tons of Indian rice and the US as well as the supply of 23 000 tons of edible oil from the well-known international origins as well as mobilizing the capacity of cadres working to unload seven ships loaded with rice hyphen to the southern ports.