Faili talking about the recent decision of the Congress and its relationship to the unity of Iraq

Shafaq News / The Iraqi ambassador in Washington Lukman Faili need what passed by the US Congress on its commitment to preserve the unity of Iraq through the final approval of the US defense budget for fiscal year 2016.

The Philly in an interview with Lord of Twilight News, "We are pleased to express our satisfaction at the continuation of the US Congress to extend its support to maintain the unity of Iraq through the adoption of the US defense budget project once and for all of fiscal year 2016, as this legislation contributes to the strengthening of the strong bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States and ensures our government security forces and provide the resources and training necessary military capabilities to overcome the constant danger and the threat of an entity Daash."

"The government and people of Iraq in continuing the many obstacles face. While we continue to fight against the barbaric entity Daash, we are involved in the reform campaign and decentralization to be our government more flexibility in responding to the needs of Iraqis, especially at the local and regional level, as we believe, and in line with the our Constitution that it represents the best way to promote the inclusion of all the diverse components of our people."

And said, "It is our pleasure also to see that the final version of the legislation to balance the US defense allow their content to current US policy toward Iraq by providing military support by the central government in Baghdad exclusively, and so the decision Congress has proved to provide military support to Iraq through the elected central government democratically , not directly to the local military units, and is beyond doubt that the United States continues in its quest to maintain the unity of Iraq."

"The government of Prime Minister Mr. Haider Abadi will continue to work with the international coalition and the Congress and the US administration to ensure our success in defeating the combined entity Daash and build Iraq cherished by all Iraqis."