US assistance Iraq with grants & concessional loans to overcome financial crisis 9/30
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Thread: US assistance Iraq with grants & concessional loans to overcome financial crisis 9/30

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    US assistance Iraq with grants & concessional loans to overcome financial crisis 9/30

    America demonstrate their assistance to Iraq with grants and concessional loans to enable it to overcome the financial crisis


    With its continuation by arming and training free of charge Baghdad-Al-shammari's promise:
    Moving the u.s. to support Iraq economically by financial grants and soft loans, as well as continuing training and equipping security forces with modern weaponry without charge, as several Cabinet Adviser in application of strategic cooperation framework agreement signed between the two countries in 2008, which underlined the success of the Government in providing about 50% of the unnecessary expenses during the past months.

    It was a formal statement of the Office of the Prime Minister Haider Abadi had announced a meeting with us Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday.

    The statement added that "the meeting reiterated the continued support of Iraq in the areas of armament, training and consulting as well as supporting efforts to address the consequences of the decline in oil prices by diversifying the sources of expenditure, increase exports and build the capacities required for successful reforms."

    Mohammad Saleh appearance says the Economic Adviser to the Council of Ministers, in an interview with "new morning", that "Washington continued to support Iraq economically since the fall of the former regime", pointing out that they "have contributed during the year 2003 to bear half the financial burden tkhmdat from Madrid".

    He added that "the previous u.s. grants have been wasted due to the lack of spending in the right ways, and expressed regret for the" non-utilization of such assistance in the development of various sectors of the country. "

    "The current us support could get military aid in the fight against terrorism."

    Saleh warned that "our weapons and modern equipment and training to counter the organized terrorist daash without financial compensation can be free to budget significant sums."

    Government Adviser, speaking about "or soft loan (long-term encounter few benefits) you give us.

    Betting on "American role in putting pressure on international organizations to regard as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to provide loans and grants".

    As Saleh said that "Iraq touching the positive attitude of the us Administration to help it to overcome security and economic crises", he called for "more advantage of strategic cooperation framework agreement signed between the two countries in 2008 on various levels."

    He believes that "it is incumbent on the Government at the current stage to sustain human needs, and strategic projects concerning energy and electricity to ever wheel forward.

    But Saleh says at the same time, "the rest of the budget axes and needs could be disposed of in accordance with the vision of the State".

    He pointed to "the success of Iraqi financial management represented by the Government and relevant ministries in crossing the danger of the current crisis."

    "The remedy that crisis came in conjunction with the global decline in oil prices and continued spending on the war against daash".

    Saleh estimated that "the Government was able to save about 50% of all non-essential spending during the past period."

    Sealing the Economic Adviser to the Council of Ministers by saying that "these rates appear clear at the end of the year, and to submit the final accounts of the budget".

    And consistent member of the Finance Committee in the House of Sirhan Sirhan Ahmed Saleh that "the United States is serious about supporting Iraq financially at the current stage."

    He said Sirhan told the "new morning", that "the Government has appealed more than once, but Washington now finds itself obliged to be satisfied."

    It explained that "the us administration felt the threat to the region, hit their interests after the entry of Russia and its willingness to support Iraq and its neighbouring States."

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