Maliki warns of legislation National Guard law & rejects the presence of any foreign~
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Thread: Maliki warns of legislation National Guard law & rejects the presence of any foreign~

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    Maliki warns of legislation National Guard law & rejects the presence of any foreign~

    Maliki warns of legislation National Guard law and rejects the presence of any foreign troops

    BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - president of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki warned of legislation National Guard Law stressing that in its current form and the circumstances that now exist can legally promise sectarian tear the country and opens the doors to big problems and foreign interventions.

    Refusing entry of foreign troops or return of US troops to Iraq as announced, stressing that this is "unacceptable and do not accept it."

    "We welcome the cooperation with any party without a breach of the sovereignty of Iraq," but he warned that "in the event of the presence of foreign forces, the popular crowd be addressed."

    He added that "the popular crowd and the Iraqi army capable of freeing the country from the territory usurped Daash terrorist gangs", rejecting the accusation Volunteers popular crowd to "sectarianism and terrorism">

    In the interview below details:

    IMN: Why reject a coalition of state law project of the National Guard Law?

    Maliki: the debate on the subject of the Civil Guard seems to be due to the imbalance between those who understand that we need the National Guard actually holds the national standards and the home space between those who want him to be within the boxes and classifications zonal or provinces, we do not agree on the draft of the National Guard Law because Law sectarian and tear the country and even creates big problems and will open the door to foreign intervention and therefore does not Asagrar and masters of the country and not a political process.

    IMN: But you had put the idea of ​​the project to support the National Guard Army How Tervdouna today?

    Maliki: Of course we were the first to put forward the idea of ​​creating a national guard law but from all shades of the Iraqi people and Aathdd in the province or region, and is intended to create a national guard Foundation is by all the Iraqi people and within the national standards, and not be the bodyguard province or guard the city and guard Shiites and guard a year and a guard Card..ohma demand we can interact with it and accept it as the basis of the idea so off.

    IMN: What has changed then?

    Maliki: Trend located under the confirmed data is that it is intended the National Guard to be a slogan and a basis for entry of foreign troops and an army on regional and sectarian basis and that the army may enter the regional countries forces supported and turns it into a big dilemma for the unity of Iraq, I proposed the idea of ​​the National Guard but raised in other circumstances .. circumstances today have changed .. not stage now, and as a result of high pressure is eligible for legislation controversial law and the question marks and Ithirmkhaov and risk, better to postpone until Alasagrar, but now can the sons of the western regions to join in large numbers and in increasing numbers with their brethren in the crowd People who will be the core mission address the situation where in any area are from the governorates of Iraq, develops and cared focused and have a legislation law, which this entitled him guard who defends all shades of the components of the Iraqi people in all provinces characterization.

    IMN: How do you evaluate the role of the US in the fight against Daash and return to Anbar under the pretext of liberation?.

    Maliki: This is unacceptable and not accept the entry of any external force, the crowd People and the Iraqi army capable of freeing the country's territory usurped from gangs Daash terrorist and not accept accusation crowd Volunteers of sectarianism and terrorism, and when the crowd came to areas of the Sunni component in order to liberate them from Aldoaash not occupy or control it is imagined Some, he entered that logic in advance sacrifices and opened for return of displaced families and the honor of the popular crowd because it frees and restores families to their regions, but through the rumor wants some Almtshehadan water turbidity stirring sectarian strife, we must protect our reputation and protect its existence and defend against external and internal will It seeks to discredit a crowd of classifications, but it is a crowd defends Iraq from the Iraqi territory and not a component of the mobilization of so and so, or so and so, he interacts with the Iraqis of different nationalities and creeds.

    IMN: Is there a law or government request for the entry of US troops into Iraq?

    Maliki: the entry of foreign troops on the ground in Iraq Shi unacceptable because the law does not allow the entry of foreign troops only within the agreements and conventions to be certified by the parliament, with the exception of the strategic agreement with the United States and can not enter the US forces only at the request of the government.

    IMN: Is Iraq needs international support, and whether you favor the return of States troops?

    Maliki: We in fact do not support the return of US troops and even non-American, and if Iraq was a need to support and outsourcing experience possible and based on the agreement signed between the two parties to take advantage of that expertise and support, and the other countries that do not have a security agreement with Iraq, it has no right to its access to Iraq, which is contrary to the Constitution, the entry of foreign troops is a violation of the sovereignty and we welcome cooperation with any party without a violation of Iraq's sovereignty, and if the presence of foreign forces, the popular crowd addressed, and will happen to us a political breach, as we are working for reconciliation and not a violation of sovereignty and find a state of cohesion and familiar with Iraqi political parties.

    IMN: How do you assess the role of Saudi Arabia in Iraq, Yemen and Syria?

    Maliki: previously talked about the seriousness of the Saudi role and today we warn again of this role, he is very harmful to the security and stability of the region, a role that could escalate sectarian tensions build on the support and backing and opinions that appear from time to time and published in Syria, Iraq, Yemen appears that the Saudi role seriously The international community and is not eligible to live with the rest of the countries of this nature, it is clear today that the Saudi role seriously, he commits today heinous crimes against innocent through the aircraft, which they say the Arab coalition aircraft and these lists of martyrs enormous that drop thousands in Saudi Arabia Do you hear of one so far, but that There supportive voice for them, they want instability to the peoples of the region and are seeking to stir up sectarian strife.

    IMN: What would you say about this role?

    Maliki: aspects of my words to Saudi Arabia to continue with this approach will backfire on them, as inevitably cringe at some of the countries in the same road and tell them you rectify the matter before it is too late, have maintained the unity of your people and stop interfering the affairs of others.

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