Economy in the parliamentary member warns of delays in dues peasants and farmers Exchange
warned in the economic and investment commission in Parliament on Wednesday by the Ministry of Commerce of the consequences of delay dues peasants and farmers and that have not paid them since handed over agricultural Mhaslehm of grain wheat and barley last season Exchange.
Said Mamouri in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of "the problem of delays in dues peasants Exchange has become one of the main problems that limit the yield increase productivity to grow grain as everyone knows the high costs needed by farmers to cultivate private land under the current circumstances , calling on the Ministry of Commerce to speed up the disbursement of these amounts are special and we are at the doors of a new season for the cultivation of wheat and barley crops.
He noted that "this delay will affect negatively on the campaign grain planting for the next season, which is on the doorstep.
He Almamori the importance of supporting the peasants and farmers in terms of providing excellent varieties of seeds, chemical fertilizers, which are the main factor for yield increase productivity .anthy