Baghdad Municipality: We have 20 new draft Mjsr in the capital, and the lack of allocations to prevent its establishment
11:09 GMT

Follow-up - and babysit - confirmed the Municipality of Baghdad, on Wednesday, that has 20 new draft Mjsr in the capital, noting that the lack of allocations to prevent its establishment.
Said Director of Information Secretariat Hakim Abdul Zahra, "The Secretariat has up to 20 new draft to Mjsr in the city of Baghdad, a large part of this Almjsrat Tsamiha completed her primary and some of which are under way in two of them were referred to the Ministry of Industry."

He added that the "lack of financial allocations, in addition to the situation experienced by the state of financial hardship prevent its establishment," noting that the "Among these projects is a project Mjsr Aden Square and two projects in Sadr City and the project Mjsr Jadiriyah and project Mjsr secretary and other of other projects."

He said Abdul-Zahra, "The Secretariat had been able during the last period of the completion of a large number of Almjsrat in Baghdad, which eased the traffic momentum where," pointing out that "some of which was delayed due to a conflict with the other services are present at the site, such as electricity, telecommunications and water."