Legal expert: Hosting minister parliament unconstitutional
a legal expert said that hosting the House of Representatives of Ministers and Officials action "unconstitutional".
Said Tariq Harb said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "Hosting a move not be decided by the constitution and rules of procedure may not be expanded," noting that "can be said that the constitution select cases the presence of ministers to parliament in paragraph VII of art. 61 It is the case of the question and the status of clarification and case questioning only, and this is what was confirmed also in Articles 50-61 of the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives, and not one of these cases, the case of hosting.
"He explained that" there norm parliamentarians have been since the first electoral session of Parliament in 2006 on the Adopting the principle of hosting as a form of parliamentary control over the executive power although no revenue provisions of the host in the constitution and rules of procedure.
"He pointed out the war to be" the constitution and rules of procedure did not Amnha parliament or its members the right to host did not Atula identify the provisions of hosting as Tula identify the provisions of the question and clarification and interrogation.
"He stressed the legal expert, said that" hosting will no doubt be a decision of the Parliament and have it vote on hosting a simple majority as specified in Article 59 of the Constitution and not, as is happening now, where it is a call to minister to the parliamentary hosting without a vote and without a decision of the parliament and sufficient request one of the members and the approval of the Presidency of Parliament on it and this is what away from the legal basis of the host as specified in the said article.
"He continued," must also be of the parliament that does not elaborate in cases of hosting they came Unlike measuring any Unlike the provisions of the Constitution and rules of procedure and was at odds Measurement may not be expansion in the interpretation and application in the form prescribed by law evidence that the Constitution and Rules of Procedure male forms of parliamentary control and did not mention the host of them. If increased slightly from alone turned against him, not to mention that hosting the embarrassment to the minister is not a little, and it was possible to remedy this by writing chairman of the parliament to the Minister directly to answer on the subject, which will be hosting the place.
"He said the war" does not believe that any minister would refrain from answering and clarifying what asked him explained as the reason for hosting and so we have committed ourselves to the provisions of the Constitution and rules of procedure unless they are hosting a decision of the Parliament and adopted by a simple majority ".anthy