Money laundering and the National Crime

1/10/2015 0:00

Ali Fawaz
Can promise the phenomenon of money laundering of the most endangered national economy phenomena, the most harmful to the economic development and amplify episodes of corruption, too, but dangerous What makes it closest to the national crime, because it will contribute to the transformation of the economic sphere and banking to the environment to sabotage the economic system, and to promote crimes smuggling hard currency, and the assignment of organized crime and operations of terrorism and sabotage ..

Definition of the phenomenon of financial aid laundering associated Ptosifha, they are designed to recycle funds generated by illegal actions in the areas of channels and invest legitimacy to hide the true source of these funds, which sources are trade contraband, drugs, crimes of kidnapping and murder, theft and suspicious transactions, prostitution and smuggling of antiquities and embezzlement of public funds, corruption, bribery and counterfeiting and other crimes be held accountable by law ..- and Osv-, such phenomena have found her practiced in the economic environment and under various covers, and sometimes to protect certain parties, which means the need to be legal and banking authorities the level of responsibility, on the level of taking action deterrent to confront this crime and the perpetrators, and to work to purify the Iraqi banking environment of these bad detriments level, and to make them safe and legal and well-respected the world to expand the horizons of the Iraqi banking business with the world.

The work to speed up the issuance of money laundering which is discussed in the House bill would be legally Building to deter this crime, and to legitimize the legal positions against the criminals and the corrupt, and framing banking practices within protectionist contexts safeguard the national wealth and the movement cycle of the national economy, and put -mn by the other myth of Iraqi banks within international standards that are respected by depositors and Almsttmaren..thdd banking literature in three phases for the emergence of the phenomenon of money laundering, which is to talk only in the banking and economic environment is fragile and soaked manifestations of the financial and economic corruption, corrupt which are protected from, among others, institutions, parties and bands, some of which are linked to foreign agendas aimed to destroy Iraqi economic environment and float the national wealth ..

It is these stages: the existing Deposit stage to deposit money to be laundered in banks across converted into foreign currencies, Ooabbar buying large cars and buildings to be converted later to a net funds, and the second camouflage conducted through simulated the introduction of these funds stage to banks and repeat the transfer of the bank to another according to the fraud and corruption operations Kberh.oualemrahlh third is based on the integration of laundered money in the banking system and the economic cycle to remove suspicions about the process ..