Forum Iraq banking attracts foreign expertise

1/10/2015 0:00

Beirut Yasser incumbent
finance experts at the Arab, regional and international banks Collect participation in Iraq Banking Forum, which recently hosted Beirut on the success of the forum in the presentation of the most promising investment opportunities in Iraq and attract foreign expertise to contribute to raising the efficiency of the performance of the banking sector in it.

They stressed in conversations to delegate «morning« the importance of such forums for the exchange of information and ways to activate the Iraqi banking sector through Maardth research and studies that were read in the forum as well as cutting-edge exhibits in the field of global information and Lebanese presented at the exhibition held on the sidelines of the forum and software technology.

The forum which has been sponsored by the Governor of the Bank came out Lebanon Riad Salameh, the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Dr. Ali Keywords and organized a wonderful-led economy group and business recommendations of the task represented by the prospects for future cooperation between the two countries map where he found the brothers Arabs from major investors, bankers, businessmen and foreign companies in the Iraqi market promising a fertile area for large investments dating General beneficial to all parties.

Has given recommendations by foreign investments great attention to the fact that the forum was looking at investment opportunities available in both countries, especially in the aspect of infrastructure, along with the first goal on the development of the performance of the banking sector, as the recommendations focused on compliance with the rules of governance and the application of laundering laws laundering and the financing of terrorism and close cooperation in this field.

He urged the forum IT companies International Lebanese and software to enter the Iraqi market to portray the performance of banks in this area, and in this regard was the sessions the forum has witnessed a number of lectures in this regard.

The sessions dealt with legal and procedural environment and readiness The central bank, the role of technology and information systems to the development of the banking business, technical infrastructure requirements of Iraqi banks, foreign banks and hoped the role of them in the transfer of expertise.

He spoke the Deputy Director General of the Directorate General of banking and credit control in the Iraqi Central Bank Alaa Abdul Ghani Sabbagh, Chief Technology Officer at Bank BLOM Antoine Aondos, director of the Department of payments at the Central Bank of Iraq sacrificed Abdul Karim, the director of the infrastructure project to pay retail at the Central Bank of Iraq Adnan Abd al-Asaad, director of infrastructure and financial services for the Middle East in «Huawei» Solutions Engineering Mohammed Damasi. Kmatnaol forum «the prospects for electronic banking and payment with mobile», as well as the opportunities that may result from the adoption of governmental institutions for electronic payment systems, the role of technology and mobile services companies to provide innovative payment services, the development of digital payments in emerging markets, smart credit cards: operating systems and applications available, banking Electronic role in the development of the banking sector.

The president of emerging products and innovation to the Middle East and North Africa Chief Technology Officer occur in the company «Visa» Nathan Kouchna, in the global smart card (Ki-Card) Hassan Al-Khatib, the director of payments in «Hyper Bay» Aladdin Majid.

Was held a workshop attended where 60 trainees working in information technology in the Iraqi private banks which have received significant training in the field of digital transformation, risk and security and the promotion of digital security remind many topics in a later report.