A source in the popular crowd: factions belonging to Nuri al-Maliki withdraw from Baiji, abruptly and without coordination

September 30, 2015 21:53

A source in the popular crowd said that the military factions belonging to the Vice President of the Republic article Nuri al-Maliki withdrew abruptly from some areas in Baiji,

The source said in an interview with news agency Buratha the popular crowd and security forces of the army and police forces have been able in the last days of the editing task areas in Baiji has Daash terrorist suffered heavy losses in lives and equipment were provided some of the armed factions to these regions to catch ground

The source added that these armed factions affiliated to Nuri al-Maliki was surprised when he pulled out abruptly and without warning, which loophole was born in these liberated areas which quickly the heroes of the popular crowd of jihadist factions bridging hero by sending a number of elements there Mujahid

The source noted that the issue of the withdrawal of these factions has caused great anger by jihadist factions was agreed not to deal with these factions that have left the battlefield