Zora's deputies: the retroactive application of the financial crisis could disrupt the implementation of the new salary scale

September 30, 2015 21:05

Zora / Yousef Salman:
Preparing the House of Representatives to pass a civil service law after the second reading of the inclusion in the agenda of the next session table after the completion of legal and financial committees and the economy parliamentary All observations and suggestions to be included in the law that will ensure the application of a new salary scale for staff and will be into force in the next year. He said the legal committee member Amin Bakr that the Civil Service Law will be included on the agenda of the next House of Representatives sessions schedule.

He told "Zora" "The committee completed its discussions and proposals about the law and sent him to the Presidency of Parliament for inclusion on the agenda, to read the second reading."

He stressed that "the law will contribute to the organization of staff work with their organizations in terms of vacations and ensures the rights of employees without discrimination or differentiation."

He believed that "the law will pass easily to the lack of any political intersection around him." And that "this law, which regulates the rights and duties of the staff in all state institutions include the issuance of a new salary scale for staff and details on the status of grades specific frameworks such as university professors, colleges and others."

But the economic and investment commission in Parliament announced that the salary scale of the new expected to pass early next year, will make the minimum salary nominal employee b 400 000 dinars, while giving lower grades allocations certificate and the seriousness of the allowance, food and allowances for family members and the duration of the service transfer, to be increase their salaries by ranging from 30-100%. Said committee member Nora Albjara for "Zora" that "the Civil Service Law includes a new salary scale to ensure justice and equality in the salaries of employees, especially those with lower grades where identified as a minimum nominal salary to employees the amount of 400 000 dinars."

"The proposed nominal increase in salaries for those with lower grades and is the tenth, ninth and eighth rate ranging from 30% - 100% according to the estimate of the committees concerned." She explained that "the new peace was to be applied in 2014, but the absence of the budget that year Arjoh until further notice to be discussed and put it in the budget next year and will be applied retroactively." She explained that "all things are flowing towards the implementation of the new peace in the next year, but there are fears that the parliamentary financial crisis faced by the country could be an obstacle to the implementation of the new peace."

With the exception of the parliamentary finance committee member Sarhan Slevana that the current peace has a severe disadvantage in some of its details, especially annual bonuses, he said, for "Zora" It is given to some and withheld from others as well as deliberately some ministries not to upgrade its employees and procrastination ".oroy Slevana that" All figures are installed in the new peace are subject to change and it may increase or decrease depending on the financial situation of the country. " The Parliamentary Legal Committee yesterday discussed the powers of the President Law and the draft national card Bill and the Arms Act and the draft Civil Service Law. "

Committee Chairman Hassan Mahud for journalists and the media that "these laws were forwarded from the Presidency of the Parliament to the Commission to initiate passes and presenting it to parliament for reading and vote on them later." "The parliamentary committee discussed with the Adviser to the President, Khaled Huani and Prince Kanani, the mechanics of the ratification of the executions, which amounted to the presidency within the ceilings within the constitutional limit."