Finance: employees' salaries will unite in the next year

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: Ministry of Finance announced, Wednesday, that the employees 'salaries will be unified in 2016. The agent said the Finance Minister Fadel prophet for "tomorrow Press," that "the ministry in collaboration with the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives is considering the possibility of unifying the employees' salaries," pointing that "the new peace will involve all state employees." He said the Prophet that "the ministry is seeking the guidance of the Council of Ministers to be no peace unified staff dot discrimination," noting that "he is expected to be the unification of salaries during the year 2016 if the approvals obtained for it." . parliamentary finance committee formed last month, a small committee of six of its members to work to amend the law handed the employees' salaries, and it's set a time limit of six months for the purpose of making the necessary adjustments.