Iraq and Germany sign a memorandum of understanding in the fields of industry, energy

Iraq and Germany signed a memorandum of understanding in the fields of electric power industry and the private sector, agriculture and water resources.
A statement by the Ministry of Industry received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of "German Iraqi Joint Committee held a panel discussion in the field of economic, technical and scientific cooperation over the two days of 28/29 September in Berlin and headed the Iraqi side and the Minister of Industry and Minerals Eng Mohammed Darraji in presided over the German side and Economy and Energy Minister Sigmar Gabriel in addition to the delegations of both countries. "He began Darraji his speech by saying," As we represent the Iraqi government are talking about Germany, which has succeeded in transforming its economy to a market economy through experience that have achieved that and should take advantage of this experience to revive the economy . "For his part, Sigmar that of Almtojb to agree with Iraq at the present time and that this meeting diagnostic in order to hear a lot of ideas and views on the Iraqi side that will help us in that." The two sides expressed according to the statement from the strong and continuing desire in the promotion of bilateral relations between the two countries friendly countries, especially economic and political.
"During the meeting discussed trade and investment cooperation points in the industrial sector, energy, electricity, private sector, agriculture and water resources, which resulted in the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two countries in connection with it," .