The opening of the Erbil International Fair atheist ten with the participation of 14 countries

Twilight News / open in Arbil next month atheist ten Erbil International Fair, which lasts for four days, with the participation of 14 European and American countries as well as neighboring countries. The organizers of the festival director Fadi Darwish, in a press conference held in Arbil and attended by Twilight News, that the exhibition international response evidenced by the participation of many countries in this exhibition. He noted that because of the situation of the province of Kurdistan and Iraq, the opening of the exhibition is a reassuring message on the Independence and the recovery of the economy in the region, especially that the participating companies to contribute to the implementation of various projects in Iraq and the region. He added that the opening of this exhibition will be the participation of between 140 to 150 local and foreign companies from 14 countries and the support and help of the Iraqi Albroujict shows, not striking out that the exhibition starts in the fifth month of next October and ends on the eighth of it.