Iraq and Kuwait discuss joint cooperation in the field of Communications and Information Technology

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Search and Communications Minister Hassan Kadhim Al-Rashed, the Kuwaiti ambassador in Iraq Ghassan Al-Zawawi, the prospects of joint cooperation between the two brotherly Iraq and Kuwait in the field of telecommunications and information technology. He said the ministry spokesman, Uday al-Saadi said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, "The meeting discussed all the common communications projects which employs the two countries at the present time, in addition to discussing the reality of Kuwaiti companies operating in Iraq as a homing working in the field Telecommunications and the Internet for a long time and have a great experience in this field. " The ambassador of Kuwait Ghassan Al-Zawawi during the meeting to complete his country's readiness to work with Iraq, both with the public sector or with private sector companies through the completion of projects that serve Atsalatyh fact the service in Iraq, in addition to real participation in the infrastructure reconstruction of the Iraqi telecommunications ". On the other hand said Communications Minister Hassan Al-Rashed said "Iraq is open for country all working in the field of telecommunications and information technology companies or other areas, the Ministry of Communications and its affiliates ready to work and cooperate with Kuwaiti companies sober and which have a long tradition in this area," .