Defensive criticizes the rentier economy, which could lead to the collapse of the Iraqi economy

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} criticized the National Alliance MP Taha defense, Wednesday, rentier economy, which may lead to the collapse of the Iraqi economy's dependence on oil, adding that "there is a tendency to support the private sector for the promotion of the new country's economy." Slack said in a statement to the Agency {Euphrates News} today that "dependence on oil lead to the collapse of the Iraqi economy, considering that our budget rentier", adding that "today there is a tendency to support the private sector significantly Proof of this is that he has been granted loans 5 trillion has been added 5 trillion to support other industrial and agricultural sectors of the Iraqi and the product. " "It has also been imposing taxes on foreign product, and all this will help to support the private sector and the promotion of a new Iraqi economy." The leader of the Supreme Council of Islamic Iraqi Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, had confirmed in an earlier rights to, that the Iraqi people did not know to stop and Athbth crisis, which exceeded the worst of them, noting that "crises and the current frustrations is not a sign of the collapse of the situation and requires everyone to serious review and comprehensive to correct tracks. He also stressed that "the current crisis is not a crisis of decline, it is a crisis of progress, did not provide requirements maintain and service the entire last cons to overcome and get into the prospects for the future .. We need the heart of the tracks, and we'll see how it will turn souls from pessimism to hope and despair to optimism."